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From the Artist

Each piece of art is a vehicle for telling a story. The story for me begins by dismantling the context of an image.  By breaking out its parts, it frees the individual objects to become something completely different. I like to think of it as taking a sentence and separating all the words, rearranging them, mixing them with other words that pop into my mind and ultimately writing a new story.


I use a combination of photos to add an essence of reality that I mix within a painted imaginary world that I've created on canvas. I enjoy carrying images, or characters, from one painting to another to experience them in a different way.  The process of creating art is to take what speaks to me, something that catches my imagination, and spin it back into the world in an entirely new form.

Working with a variety of elements and materials is very freeing for this type of art. The stories, once all the pieces are laid out before me, essentially take on a life of their own. Some pieces hit with just a few beats and are strong in their simplicity.  Others develop in a slower, more patient and curious way.

About the Artist

Kristen Gauri has a bachelors in English Literature and a Master in Fine Arts, focusing on literary criticism.  

She learned how to code HTML in DOS in 1994 and subsequently moved to San Francisco where she worked in an engineering group as a technical writer and web developer.  Her career organically morphed into a liaison between an engineering team and marketing and sales in the role of technical marketing manager for an online data security company.

Upon her return to the midwest, Kristen has worked in design and multi media art.

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